1Password / LastPass Extension

Innovator shared this idea 6 years ago

Please add Password Manager support, enabling your users to:

  1. Access their Logins from Password Managers like LastPass and 1Password to automatically fill your login page.
  2. Use the Strong Password Generators to create unique passwords during registration, and save the new Login within Password Managers. Empowering your users to use strong, unique passwords has never been easier. Let's get started!

After this is integrated, your app will receive extra promotion via a listing at:


See for code integration:



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Hello Innovator,

Thank you for sharing this idea with us!

We've added this option. Your password manager should now prompt to autofill your login details.

Kind regards


Integration is still not fully functional. LastPass shows the correct login option, but doesn't seem to know where to fill it in. I'm prompted with a question what information I want to copy, where normally LastPass will just go and fill in the data for me.

I'm using a LG Nexus 5X with Android 8.1.0


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